Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oh No She Didn't Just Say That ( You bet yo Ass I Did)

A warm gracias to all who attended last night's poetry performance at Queens Theatre in the Park, as part of its annual Latino Cultural Festival.
It was a pleasure to perform among other talented spoken word artists and to have such a wonderful reception from the audience.

Mi'jita, la MapucheRican, made me a bead necklace that didn't match with a damn thing I was wearing but since when does a good luck charm have to match?

I left with la fea before the rest of my entourage since I was supposed to be there early. Of course the trolley that is supposed to run between the subway station and the theatre wasn't running so I was late, which just added to my nervousness. Finally a guy in a beat up car drove us to the theatre. Ah but yes thanks to stereotypical Latino lateness, in being a little bit late I was really on time.

Once I got on stage my nervous energy turned into just plain energy that I directed into a performance I felt really good about. My only compliant was that I wasn't able to perform all four pieces I had prepared ( running time 11 min). I performed two poems then a few poets went up then I was called back up to perform a third poem. It was kind of tough because I had lost my flow and regained my nervousness and dropped my props (nametags) and didn't do as well as I should have.

My mother loved my performance and really reveled in watching how other people reacted to me. She broke out close to the end of the show, with la MapucheRican , who was rubbing her sleepy eyes. This morning my mother confessed to me that she wanted to stay to watch people come up and talk to me after the show.

Speaking of people's reactions, my mother also told me that at least two women, were utterly shocked and taken aback at my reclaiming of the word puta and daring to label myself as one. Hmmm I need to write a puta manifesto ( I think la Cherry should do it with me unless in her infinite wisdom she has already). I have witnessed artistas reclaiming and breaking down the spic label stereotype. White feminist are pretty much expected to throw around the word cunt and pussy. Pero god forbid a Latina artist dares to say the word chocha and puta, well hell may just freeze over. Imaginate if I had performed autobiography of a chocha??? Ay well there's always next year.


Blogger Ms Cherry Galette said...

let's do it!!!!

i'm glad things went well, wish i coulda seen it! i am sure you were fabulous.


8/05/2005 02:41:00 PM  

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