Wednesday, August 17, 2005

With Fans Like These

Note: because of my computer meltdown my posts will be sporadic until my computer is fixed (within the next two weeks) if it can be fixed or until my new 'puter arrives (sometime next week). Thanks for your patience and understanding.

On August 6 I was featured in la Hora Hispana , a free Spanish language weekly distributed by the NY Daily News, in an article about Latino bloggers. From that article , which I had to request because I don't live in an area with enough Spanish language speakers/readers, I've received some wonderful feedback. I've also received what I will call "interesting" feed back in the form of emails from gentlemen in the NYC area. These emails are filled with compliments, mostly regarding photographs that can be accessed through this blog, not what I write about. One email even included a phone number.

While I am flattered, really. I mean it's a lovely feeling to be desired, even if it is for all the wrong reasons. But something about these emails also disturb me. It makes me wonder, who exactly is my audience? When I began writing this, I never thought about who was reading the blog. As people I know and some I don't, began coming out it it shed some light and influenced how and what I write here. It's been a learning process.

One thing I do know, is that I am not using this blog as a way to meet potential lovers. So while I appreciate the compliments. Unless I know you already, don't expect a personal phone convo from me anytime soon.


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