Sunday, September 04, 2005

Another Way for NYC People to Help Those Affected by Katrina

Direct Action to Aid Victims of Hurricane Katrina Now!
Pastors for Peace Organizes Aid Caravan for Louisiana and Mississippi

If you can organize a collection drop off point call: John Waller (718) 810-8426
For donations and other information: IFCO/Pastors voicemail (212) 926-5757
Or email:

Pastors for Peace has moved quickly to mobilize a Gulf Coast caravan.
We are collecting tons of bottled water, powdered milk, diapers, food
and personal hygiene items for southern Louisiana and Mississippi. The
aid will be delivered to local community and church groups who are
feeding and caring for their neighbors.

We cannot simply stand by and not act in the face of this monstrous
disaster. The incompetence and callousness of government officials is
unspeakable. We are moved to direct action because the racism and
inaction of those who should be caring for ALL the people victimized
by Hurricane Katrina have not done so.

The aid is being collected at drop off centers in ten states in the
Northeast and Midwest and South. What we need now are volunteers to
organize drop off points in those areas. The caravan convoy, made up
of busses, box trucks and other vehicles will take a limited number of
volunteers in order to maximize space for humanitarian aid.

Urgently needed financial donations for those who want to contribute
funds and to offset the fuel costs of this caravan, can be sent to
IFCO/Pastors for Peace. 402 W. 145th St. New York, NY 10031. Those
wishing to make credit card donations can call IFCO Pastors
communications director Lucia Bruno at (347) 423-4330.

Speaking with supporters this week, Rev. Lucius Walker, executive
Director of IFCO/Pastors for Peace said "Despite the urgent campaign
to free the seized computers bound for disabled Cuban children we must
respond to the needs of families hurt by Hurricane Katrina right now".

For more than two decades, Pastors for Peace has delivered
humanitarian aid to families in Chiapas, Honduras, Nicaragua, El
Salvador and Cuba. These Friendshipment Caravans have focused on
aiding victims of US foreign policy. Today, we extend this work to the
domestic frontier. Families on the Gulf coast have been victimized
twice over -- by Hurricane Katrina and again by the callous disregard
of a system that was responsible for protecting them and did not.

We must do our part to demonstrate the love and concern that exists in
communities throughout the US for our brothers and sisters torn apart
by this tragedy.


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