Monday, September 26, 2005

General Response

I have a bunch of personal things that I want to post about but I will save them for later, when I have more time.

For those who want me to write more about sex, please consider donating frequent flyer miles so that I can get some. :P

On the more serious tip, it was my bad for not writing about el Grito de Lares on Friday. I will admit that. I will also admit that there are numerous problems within the independence movement in Puerto Rico, including lack of focus pero what I will not do is get involved in debates of whether it is more virtuous to struggle on the mainland or on the island of Puerto Rico. I also will not point fingers about who is more Rican or who spoke out first about what and when and how. I think that sort of divide and conquer politic serves only the colonizer. Different people have different levels of commitment. In the end however, yes, the battle will have to be fought on the island.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My bad"? Is that the best response you have? [[ha ha ha]] It's like the revolutionary who got caught with her pants down and says "pardon me for pissing in the jungle."

Activism is so easy when you're safe in the bosom of the colonizer. Preach on, sister. Que viva la caca!

9/27/2005 09:42:00 AM  
Blogger maaarco said...

"Que viva la caca!" hahahahahahahahahaha, oh man is that shit is funny...

9/27/2005 11:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon, i heart you.

9/27/2005 01:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey. go easy on la mama.
it ain't easy being earnest and fabulous at the same time.
mala, you do your thingie!
que so jodan lo de mas!


9/27/2005 05:44:00 PM  
Blogger fiercelyfab said...

FYI activism is done in Venezuela, India, Mexico, Brazil, England, Cuba and in many colonized, once colonized and "colonizer" countries so if criticizing someone for expressing their beliefs and activism in their own blog is the best constructive pro-active way of giving feedback, than that says more about bitterness and lack of thoughtful disagreement on your part.

"Colonizer" countries are not perfect, duh, so get a damn reality tour and see for yourselves the face of the women being killed while pregnant by their partners, the face of homelessness, children and women that no aren't crack addicts or criminals and "welfare moms" and the number of maternal deaths, that rank embarrassingly low in comparison to the rest "once colonizer" countries. Some people are actually trying to do something about it instead of just wanting to "ruin the party" and be judgmental. And, using one's resources, one's privileges to advance others is not a crime. Some are more hopeful about the future (by acting locally and thinking globally), even if it is just a symbol of solidarity for those abroad that are fighting their struggles.

9/27/2005 10:48:00 PM  

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