Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mama Meetings

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with some cool ass mamas and their cool as all hell kids. One mama I hadn't seen in years. The last time we chilled her daughter, now in pre-k , was scooting on her behind in my living room. She now has a baby boy (from whom I caught a serious case of baby fever/lust). The other mama, who is homeschooling her kindergartener, I last saw at an anti-war rally a year ago (or was it the Sisterfire event?). These are mamas who know intimate details of my life and I know intimate details of their lives. We all met on the internet through radical alternative parent sites. We all worked together on creating safe internet and physical spaces for mamas of color. Even though I don't actually see these women on the regular everyday, it feels almost like I do. So when we finally are able to pull ourselves from our bubble mama lives it's comfortable.

When I first had my daughter, I was the only young single mami activist in my crew. This meant carrying my baby daughter to rallies for as long as I could, and when she grew into toddlerhood having wonderful companeras take turns watching her at political education classes and during rallies but motherhood still felt isolating.
As la MapucheRican got older, it got harder and I pulled more and more away from hands on hardcore activism as I had to work full time and raise my daughter as a single mama full time.

I ran into these mamas during that period and found that they were like me, kick as political mamitas who were raising amazing kick ass political kids. The feeling was akin to the feeling I experienced when I was 17 and was first introduced to social justice/puerto rican history and activism. It felt like I had finally found home.

When I was ranting about fucked up racism in my daughter's school these are the women who nod their head and say uh-huh because they know what I am talking about or when I am feeling frustrated and angry and alone by the lack of support I feel as a writing single mami, they have my back and vice versa.

Creating and supporting community is essential for our survival.


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