Sunday, September 25, 2005

Protest Tommorow Regarding Murder of Rican Hero

Demonstration Monday September 26!
Demonstration begins at 5:00 PM at 26 Federal Plaza NYC

On the 137th anniversary of the cry for independence of Puerto Rico " El Grito De Lares", Filiberto Ojeda, Puerto Rican Patriot was assassinated by the FBI in Hormigueros Puerto Rico. He had been living clandestinely for the last 15 years. A fitting tribute for the Puerto Rican National Hero is in the works and details will be Forthcoming shortly.

The Demonstration on 26 federal plaza is called this coming Monday to denounce the U.S. Government assassination “while in custody” carried out as a message against the freedom loving people of Puerto Rico who respond with the Message “Patria o Muerte” “Motherland or Death”!


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