Thursday, September 15, 2005

Protesting Not Being Able to Get To Your Suburban Home

Yesterday evening an ex of mine rang me. He was pissy.
"If anyone would know about people who protest, it would be you. So tell me what the fuck is Falun Gong and the hell are there all these chinks blocking the midtown tunnel?" (Do you see why he's an ex? Also I saw zero news coverage on any protests happening).

I got into a very brief explanation about Falun Gong based on my limited knowledge and experiences with them on New York City streets. I also explained to him that they were probably protesting China's abuses against their organization because of the United Nations Summit happening (for a person who works at a newspaper, he knows little about what is happening in the world around him). He then began to whine about how ineffective it was as a tactic for organizations to persecute working people trying to get home. He actually used the word persecuted. Needless to say the conversation, if you could call it that was short.

Rallies, protests, and marches are held not only to educate masses but the purpose is to disrupt, to disturb people, and interrupt daily routines to bring attention to a cause or event. It is not supposed to be convenient. That is the point. In the United States, too many people are so used to routine, things being regimented and served up to us in convenient , non-offensive packaging. When confronted with otherness there are two choices. One is to fight the otherness and defend a narrow way of life. The other is to, if even just for a moment, take yourself outside your box of life and consider other people's experiences.


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