Sunday, October 23, 2005

Aroused Bears and Sea Monkey Velorios

Alas there was no carousing last night. In fact, ::gasp:: I went to bed at a decent hour.

Lest my readers (all 50 of you) think that I spend my days and nights dedicated to wine and revolutionary art, I also do things with my lovely hija, la MapucheRican.

On Wednesday I chaperoned her class to the Queen's Zoo. The highlight of the trip, for the adults anyway, without a doubt was a bear (see picture above) that sat in front of the children. The bear was obviously um, aroused and eventually proceeded to service himself. The teachers and parents quickly moved the children away from the exhibit before the money shot.

Last night there was a sea monkey massacre, with my mother disturbing some freshly hatched sea monkeys (la mapucherican's latest science experiment). la Mapu has been to two funerals in her 8 years in this life. One was my titi Lucy's. The other was my mentor's Richie Perez. She must have been paying attention because she proceeded to create an altar for the fallen sea monkeys, complete with fake flowers and holy water (body spray), in a corner of the bedroom. She says we have to leave the altar up a few days. I'm drawing the line when she wants to do a rosario.


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