Sunday, October 16, 2005

Balancing Acts

I have to remind myself often that I cannot do everything, including things that I would like to do. Since Fusion Atomica's tertulia this past Wednesday, I have been running from place to place, doing everything at a frenzied pace. This is because at the tertulia I learned that through today , there was an Encuentro de Poesia happening, with poets and musicians here from Puerto Rico. I have been blessed to have shared the stage with some hot artists not just at the tertulia but last night at St. Mark's Church as well. I've met some amazing local people too and shared words and wine. I've been out till sunrise twice since Wednesday (The clouds against the clearing sky on Saturday morning were beautiful). I was reminded sexy and inviting I am when I have a poem in my mouth. I was reminded that the disappearance of my man probably isn't a reflection of me as a bad girlfriend, but rather of his own issues. That isn't to say I have moments that I find myself inventing blues songs and singing them quite loudly through my apartment ( la MapucheRican is not happy about this). I will also admit to calling him but he never answers and I never leave a message on his machine.

Motherhood has kept me in check. While I've seen the sunrise twice, had instant hot chocolate made for me by an Anarchist Colombian, drank lots of wine, smoked many cigarettes , and have stumbled home carrying my turquoise fishnets in my pocketbook, there have been things I have missed. I missed the performance at Julia de Burgos in el barrio. I missed the Masalegre:artistas, poetas, musicos y cantantes running up 37th Avenue in Jackson heights, Queens, singing and spitting lyrics and lines. I was waiting for my daughter. Today I missed a special mass and lunch at St Mark's.
I will however be at Lava Gina shortly to say goodbye to the artistas de Puerto Rico and send off a lovely last few days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

El anarquista colombiano solamente se pregunta si el chocolatico le quedaria bueno?
La receta esta muy bien guardada por los canones de la FAI y de la CNT, Chocolate anarquista, two wines and make love.
Salud and anarchy for all the world!!!!

10/19/2005 01:27:00 PM  
Blogger Ms.Maegan said...

el chocolate me quedo muy rico, pero no tanto como otras cosas. :)

10/19/2005 02:05:00 PM  

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