Thursday, October 06, 2005

Temptation Web

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have used the web for years to meet people. I met most of my lovers, boyfriends, and fuck buddies this way. I have a network of mami friends (yes most of them disgruntled and proud) that I have met online, as well as other random connections including some that have led to paid work. My current love was found online (or did he find me...I can't remember anymore).

I was emailing with a friend of mine I met via Friendster(which is always having some strange tech problems). He was telling me about his adventures in online dating and just reading it was exhausting. I remember those days of wading through notes, winks, messages or whatever catchy word the website I was using employed to tell me someone wanted to "get to know me" ::wink wink::.

My favorite by far was Nerve. Although there weren't too many Latinos (my favorite dating pool), there were plenty of smart hipster boys that I love (yes I admit it, hipster men are sexy to me). But it has been a good year since I have last been on Nerve.

Today in my morning inbox Nerve sent me an email reminding me to look at unread messages. When I hooked up with el Cubano again a year ago (has it been that long), I updated my profile to say I was taken after an especially deliciousy smart Irish man contacted me and I hadn't been back since until today.

I turned off my profile. I could have deleted it but hey, you never know. Better to be safe than sorry. It could have been a lot worse. I could have looked up the profile of a certain obnoxiously hot ex-lover of mine. It took a lot of self control not to.


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