Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tertuliando- Dia de la Raza Edition

I will be performing Columbus Day Observed: 2005 Edition on Columbus Day! Hear me and other poets and musicians. Come hang with questionable rockeros and buy me wine to see if what they say is true about what I do when I drink.
At Fusion Atomica's Tertulia!
10 pm at D'Antigua
84-16 Northern Blvd Jackson Heights
#7 train to 82nd.


Blogger Fea said...

sorry i can't make it today mala... but my man has the night off so i'll be curled up with him on our comfy couch... :)

10/12/2005 11:13:00 AM  
Blogger CALACA said...

Que le gusta ir a la tertulia a pescar magazines frescos para inyectarles un poquito de felicidad. Pues de una la calaca le colabora

10/14/2005 02:27:00 AM  

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