Monday, November 14, 2005

Historia de mi vida sexual

Names have been changed into lame ass nicknames and apodos which very thinly veil the identities of the guilty (there are no innocents)

Siento que ando media perdida. Not so much in terms of my writing/work. I just wish I had more time for that. As it is tonight I will get little sleep as I have two tight deadlines hanging over my head. I am talking about being perdida in matters of the heart and a little lower in my anatomy as well.

Being pulled (kicked?) quickly out of a relationship that I almost swore would be my own has thrown me into a mind space where I analyze and over analyze every kiss I steal in the back of a tertulia or with a long lost lover and every fuck on someone's sofa or in my own bed (and on my sofa). I grew too comfortable in my role of taken woman and now I am struggling to find my next comfort zone and confronting that fact that there may not be one.

I insist it was not a misunderstanding on my part but rather an omission on his part, he the last person I have had the pleasure of bedding (sofa-ing?). I mean it's hard not to pay attention or remember, at least for me, when someone I am flirting with tells me they are partnered. Usually (usually I repeat) that is a deal breaker. Ok ok so we were both drinking the night I ended up in a bathroom with my jeans round my ankles and his mouth below my appendicitis scar. And we were both drinking the night I went home with cum soaked turquoise fishnets in my purse. But the last time (hmmm maybe that's why it was the last time- oh no we were making out in the back of a bar almost three weeks ago) we were both very sober when his finger found his way beneath my shirt to my nipple which led to well.....I'm sure you can imagine.

I am a generous lover, in bed and out of bed. Meaning if I intend or am interested in keeping you as a lover I will show my pleasure not just through naked acts but in other ways. You are truly a friend with benefits. Do not let that be misunderstood as wooing. Maybe it is a glorified form of prostitution. No se. It's not that I expect sexual exclusivity, just discretion and honesty.

Which leads me to Etiquette for Lovers, Fuck Buddies, and Other Amorphous relationships.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

stop bitching and write the damn shit already, fuck, post a fucking outline or some shit of the book--it needs a better title though

11/15/2005 12:24:00 AM  
Blogger Ms.Maegan said...

Marco is that you? For someone who said he wasn't going to read my blog you sure visit often.

Is your novel ready?

11/15/2005 07:31:00 AM  

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