Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sacrificio (Beware of men bearing sweets) - A story

I knew what he was going to ask me even though he refused to be specific on the phone.
"I'll bring over a cake and we'll talk about it," he told me.

Beware of men bearing sweets. Whenever my father had bad news he would take my sister and I for ice cream. My father, usually a cheap I mean frugal man, would say, "Get whatever you want. A sundae maybe?" and my dopey sister and I would order sundaes with hot fudge and whipped cream and nuts and cherry. When we were about half way done with our sundaes my dad would make his announcement. One year it was that he was getting married. Another year it was that his wife was pregnant. We would never finish the ice cream. We would shove our napkins into the cup and stir and stir until there was nothing but a papery sweet melted mush.

He was late which annoyed me because it was throwing my whole planned schedule off. I had writing to get done, bills to pay, and students. I also needed to get some laundry done yesterday. He called me an hour after we were supposed to meet.
"I'm almost there" he told me happily.
"Look you're an hour late and I have shit to get done, so why don't you just ask me what you want to ask me so I can tell you no and we'll get it over with"
"That's why I love you mami"
"Look just come over and hurry up and yes I still want the divorce". I hung up; irritated that everything was a flirtation with him no matter how hard I tried to keep it on the business tip.

When I looked through the peephole I saw him wearing a beige corduroy jacket much too thin for the cold. He was carrying a white box. I opened the door, kissed him on the cheek and grabbed the box.
"Well well well, what do we have here?"
"Pumpkin pie" he told me.
I fucking hate pumpkin pie.
I offered him a glass of water (I was not going to make fucking coffee for him. Coffee is an invitation to linger).
He accepted and I went into the kitchen to get the water and examine my "pumpkin pie" which thankfully upon opening the box I discovered was not pumpkin pie but a fruit tart.

I went back into the living room, gave him the glass of water and asked" So what is this favor?"
"How did you know I was going to ask if we could delay the divorce?" he asked me all fascinated like I had done some divination/brujeria.
"Hombre...I filled papers months ago and you've been stalling. You are not speaking to some pendeja on the street".
"Well yes you are right, you are no pendeja.” he said softly.
"I want my life back so no. The divorce will go forward and as soon as possible please. I want my life back. I hate filling out the boxes that say married on every official form I come across".
He apologized and said he would go see the lawyer as soon as he left.
I made a motion to him indicating that the time to do that was now.

I kissed him on the cheek goodbye and locked the door behind him, watching through the peephole as he got into the elevator.
I then went to the kitchen, made a fresh pot of coffee, and ate a piece of fruit tart.


Blogger RHD said...

So, what flavor was it?! Some of us don't have any dessert in the house and we're living through YOU, you know...

11/28/2005 05:09:00 PM  
Anonymous tomas said...

Divorce is never easy especially with kids, not that marriage was ever that easy either. Once divorced things never seem quite the same, at least for me.

There is moment of liberation once it all becomes legal, though. I won't deny that.


12/02/2005 11:19:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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