Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All This Time on My Hand = More blogging

Mira and will people stop asking me about what I'm doing for New Year's? I plan on going to sleep early. Seriously. Thinking about it makes me depressed. Today while channel surfing and avoiding all the anti-union media I stumble upon someone saying "LAX" and I almost burst into tears. So much for being over relationships. I'm still debating if I should call him (el Cubano) and leave a merry christmas message on his machine. I say leave a message because in his all our effort to lose me he never answers his phone. I should take that as a pretty fucking big hint anyway instead of dwelling in the past I need to focus on the now.

Oh yeah and what the fuck is up with partnered stay at home moms who have 3 people in the house helping them expecting me single work at home mom to to shit for them all the time? This is the bad thing about not having any huge projects on my plate. I think too much and get angry alot more.


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