Sunday, December 25, 2005

And Mala was hungover by the chimney with care

Wel not really. But Navidad isn't over. Someone invite me to have a drink with you!!!

It was a relatively low key noche buena. I trekked into Manhattan to take la MapucheRican to see the holiday windows and lights. We were singing Christmas songs in the street nauseating our fellow man. I shamelessly admit that I love the lights along Fifth Avenue at Christmas and the holiday windows. It's something that actually brings a tear to my eye. Don't get me wrong, as I looked at the Lord&Taylor windows (which are always my favorite) a voice in the back of my head said "You know there hasn't been one representation of a person of color in any of these holiday windows!" I shut that voice up by paying way too much for a hot pretzel.

The night was spent baking cookies for Santa and once la Mapu was asleep, putting together whatever toys needed to be put together (this included an 11 pm run to Rite Aid to buy batteries).

I resisted the urge perform the carol of the exes which is the sound of me dialing people I have the remotest feelings for cuz well navidad makes me feel kind of lonely. I did speak to two exes but one was returning a call he made to me and I missed and the other well, we still talk and hang out (no not like that).

I received my first official navidad wish, complete with a song in my honor (Mala) at 3:17 am. Yes the call woke me up but it was sweet and made me smile and laugh.

The presents have been open. La Mapu is pleased now it's on to abuela's house.


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