Sunday, December 04, 2005

Aventuras in Online Flirting

Between writing and mami'ing I have been flirting online and carajo I forgot the energy and time it takes. Most of it has been uneventful with the usual opening line of "How Mala are you?" or " For being Mala you look pretty good".

Ah ha. ::yawn::

There was one guy who quoted a Mexican anarchist and who says he wrote a book on Mexican anarchism. That was pretty hot but that's as far as it got.

My real life flirtations haven't been any more exciting. I have standing invitations from two former lovers that I am holding off on. I called a former lover that I stumbled upon online. I'm not looking for anything more at this point than someone to see a movie with. Really. I almost made it out the door with the former Marine for a movie, until I double checked the movie time he told me and realized there we no 11:15 showing at the closest theatre.

So like a good little Mala I went to bed at a decent hour.


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