Thursday, December 22, 2005

Child Friendly My Culo

Last night I went to my daughter's (public) school's winter concert. It was lovely. Three part harmonies, songs that expose the insanity of holiday shopping, songs in Russian and Yiddish (not one Kwanza song or song in Spanish though ) . Before the performance began the Principal stood up and said I
f you have a small child that is crying, remove that child immediately. But we're child friendly.
Then as a baby gurgled in a seat in front of her she pulled the microphone away from her mouth and said, S
ee this is what I'm talking about . This is why we're going to have a problem.
Yeah super child friendly.

At the same concert I had the luck to sit next to the rudest woman , a mother of a classmate of my daughter who felt the need to make fun of the Russian and Yiddish songs and then called me "uptight" for not laughing with her. She also pointed out that there was a girl in the glee club who looked very much like me. Is that your daughter? She asked. I told her my only daughter was sitting next to her. Maybe your husband is fooling around? She asked. Now first off I don't have a husband and second, if I did why would a kid look like me if he was fooling around?


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