Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Strike Day 2 and Who's Afraid of Domestic Spying

Peeps are still hoofing it to work, riding their bikes , hopping in cars with friends and strangers alike because the TWU is still on strike. No one is complaining in this household although we are now figuring that this strike may very well run into Navidad and that means no subway to Abuela's house (and cabs are damn spendy).

Yesterday while my mom was waiting for her ride into the city in Forest Hills a striking worker ended up on a coffee shop line behind her.
"Please don't yell at me" the worker told her because apparently people in Forest Hills weren't being too understanding to workers on the picket line on 71st and Continental. My mom responded with a smile, "I'm not going to yell at you. No one wants this including you guys, just next time do it when it's not so damn cold!"

Oh and is anyone really buying Mayor Bloomie's walk across the Brooklyn Bridge? He doesn't even live in Brooklyn or Queens! Seriously.

Oh and really are people THAT surprised that the U.S. Government could be spying on you? I guess maybe since COINTELPRO targeted specific groups of people many people ere taking that shit for granted.

I'm working on by best of 2005 list aka the Mala Awards.


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