Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The End of an Era

Maybe I'm feeling all nostalgic because I've been hanging out a lot recently with my first real boyfriend and the boy I lost my virginity to (I took his too). I even performed a poem about him and how I broke his heart twice ( I did bad mala that I am). In the 12 years that we have known each other he had never seen me recite my poetry. He said he enjoyed it but it made him feel self-aware even though no one knew it was about him. Not like the time I wrote the poem for a lover I call "la lengua" and well everyone pretty much knew what was up. I like making people uncomfortable in their own skin. Sick sick mala.

I'm under no illusions that anything will happen between the marine (as he was in the marines) and me. I broke his heart twice and we are friendly yet flirtatious with each other. So while I'm not fantasizing about us being a couple again, I am wondering what the hell is going on in that EcuaRican head of his everytime he chooses to kiss me goodbye on the mouth instead of on the cheek. I mean could we really just be friends???

Earlier this week I learned that the movie theatre where we had our first date is going to become a chain store. We were 16 and bought tickets to see the horribly horrible Demolition Man with Sly Stallone. I don't remember much about the movie because well we didn't watch much of the movie. It's much more romantic and sweet to have a movie theatre to point out than a chain store. Fucking chain stores.


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