Saturday, January 21, 2006

Technology is a Beautiful Thing

I waver between hating my caller id and loving it. Lost is the element of surprise when you pick up the phone but gained is the ability to ignore phone calls. I admit that I appreciate the extra few seconds my mind has to prepare itself when a name flashes on that little screen. A client hears my most professional hello. A current lover (well actually there is no current anything but that is beside the point) can get a witty/sexy/charming greeting. My best friend will get pure silliness. But how to prepare yourself for a phone call you never expected. I never gave this person my number.

Yes one night I picked him out and shamelessly flirted with him, made eyes at him in the hipster bar/restaurant and made suggestive um suggestions between karaoke sets. Part of the thing is not making it seem calculated. Making him think he is in the lead because you see are not the only ones who can have desire for just one night, for just one thing, with just one person. He was a little rough around the edges, the type I generally like to think I've outgrown. In the words of my best friend there was something so "high school" about him. Was it the eagerness? The way he worried and overthought the logistics, the where and the when and the how instead of just enjoying the flirtation, anticipation, and expectation.
"Excuse me so I can get a prophylactic" He told me as he pulled his hand back from inside my pants.
Seriously he said prophylactic. If I had been truly into technology I would have called my best friend to tell her:
Oh my god I am about to fuck this guy who just used the word prophylactic
Who says that?
The same type of men who call it a preservative in Spanish

Then we would break out in raucous laughter. But I had no cell phone so I laughed to myself as I lit a cigarette and awaited his return.

We didn't exchange numbers that night. I hopped in a cab home. He walked across the street to his mother's house. And yet about a month later here was his name and his number flashing on my caller id. I played it cool. Answering the phone normally.
Hi, how are you?

Hi. Um Who is this?

Don't you remember you gave me your number yesterday?

Oh yeah where because I don't remember giving anyone my number yesterday?

Hi it's me South Side Boy (of course that is not his real name. You didn't really think I would name him did you?)

Oh, Hi!! What a surprise. Happy New Year. Everything just happened so fast last I saw you.

He told me he had gotten my number from my friend at church. We chit-chatted and flirted and teased. He still sounded like the type of person I thought I had outgrown but then again I am known for revisiting the past over and over and over. I told him to call me and maybe we could hang out and I left it at that.

Yeah I love technology because thanks to it I can tell this story here on this blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love that he got your number from a friend at church. ;)

1/22/2006 01:56:00 PM  
Blogger Ms.Maegan said...

Well not my church....I don't go to church but yeah kind of funny

1/22/2006 09:35:00 PM  
Blogger Fea said...

well u didn't call me that minute but we did laugh the next day... and yesterday as i recall..

1/23/2006 03:31:00 PM  

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