Monday, May 15, 2006

A few wasted minutes of our time listening to the President

Right away he labels people as "illegal immigrants" which is obviously problematic. People - immigrants are not illegal. According to the President, "Illegal Immigration brings crime to communities". Nice. Here is the plan according to the Pres.

Securing the borders (except from commerce = money). If so much progress is being made at the border why are so many people being apprehended? Obviously what the politicians are talking here isn't in sync with the needs of both those crossing the border and with the employers who hire them.

6,000 National Guard troops will be sent to the border (the Mexican border because no one cares about those coming through the Canadian border - no hint of racism here. Move it along folks).

Whoa - The pres is asking for $$ to get local and state law enforcement involved in helping border patrol - which if you ask me is a dangerous precedent. It allows for racial profiling.


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