Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mami, Do I Tell the School I was Sick?

La MapucheRican asked me this as I scrambled an egg for her breakfast. I had made the decision not to send her to school to honor Monday's strike/boycott. Keeping her homes from school however didn't mean she spent the day watching cartoons or playing video games. It wasn't a day off or a day to be lazy, as some people accuse. While I wasn't able to not work ( I work from home and am self-employed- who was I gonna boycott- my own damn self?). I didn't spend a damn penny and was able to go with my daughter to a smaller that the Union Square rally, event in our home borough of Queens.

Today I'll find out what my daughter missed in school yesterday but throughout the weekend, I stepped up and taught my own daughter. The meaning of the words boycott and strike were explained as well as a review of the origins of May Day as a labor holiday (she did a biography project on Lucy Parsons for Women's History Month in her school- and yes her school thinks I'm crazy). We discussed immigration. Once at the event I translated the chants from Spanish to English (because like most second generation born latinos, she struggles with her Spanish, despite my best efforts). La MapucheRican was in awe of the number of people and with the 10 blocks filled with people and flags. We ran into people we knew, including her first "boyfriend" the little 6 year old nephew of one of her sitters, and his parents. This made the issue more personal for her.

Soon enough though, she is still a child after all, we left because she was hungry and I had to work.

Back at school yesterday, no one asked her why she didn't go to school. No one apparently really cared.


Blogger Pomegranate Queen said...

you are such a kick-ass mami! La MapucheRican learned SO much more in that one day than she would have at school.

5/05/2006 06:29:00 PM  

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