Monday, May 15, 2006

Shrub Talks Immigration

Does anyone see the contradictions in Bush's speech? He talks about bolstering border security yet admits that so far that has not been a deterrent. What's so different now?

I wonder if Bush really expects Congress to crack down on businesses hiring non-documented workers. Lip service anyone? The issue of an id for immigrants also does not address the huge underground economy in which many non-documented immigrants work within.

Bush is making it very clear that he is anti-amnesty.

What bullshit! Melting pot and assimilation. It sounds like he is going to make an English only law. He is playing up the old pulling up oneself from your bootstraps cliche which of course ignores that even for citizens , there are huge disparities of access to opportunities based on color, ethnicity, class and gender.

Ay- how predictable. Bush is going to make an example of a Latino immigrant in the armed forces. The honorable immigrant stereotype. People of color who risk theory lives for freedom not because there are no other options. Not because there are recruiters at schools in inner city neighborhoods picking and choosing children of color to serve as canon fodder.

Basically- I just wasted 17 minutes of my life listening to bullshit.


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