Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Spring 2006 Crisis : Bugs

La MapucheRican sees herself as unlucky in cycles. Last summer it was the Home Depot sink display falling on her. We rang in the new year with the fork incident
My recent absence was do to another mapucherican related incident. Now to many a mami, especially a latina mami one of the worse insults you could throw at her is calling her sucia or descuidada. That we don't keep our children neatly dressed and clean. I fail shamelessly at the neatly dressed part. I could fucking care less about ironing and send la mapu out all wrinkled and disheveled. But she's clean carajo. So imagine my disgust and surprise at finding bugs- piojos- lice. My intellectual side knows very well that the nasty but harmless bugs actually prefer clean hair but still I felt like a horrible mother. How could this happen to my kid and worse yet how could this happen to yes me (one of the untold benefits of co-sleeping).

La mapu was fairly easy to deal with. Toxic chemicals, vinegar, tea tree oil, olive oil (not all together) and combing sessions that lasted hours took care of her. Washing and disinfecting everything in site took care of the household and prevented the plague from spreading to other members of our extended household. But there was no one to help me. For all the fucking nit picking I did. All the head checks I did on my mother and sister not one fucking person offered to help me, leaving me up one night, de lousing myself, sitting on the bathroom floor, crying.

Ok ok el chileno aka my pololo did offer to help but he wasn't a very effective nit-picker and ended up instead watching me have a low grade breakdown about the whole thing.

The good news is that we are piojo free now. The bad news is that both la Mapu and I are waiting to see what the next crisis will be.


Blogger Fea said...

boba... i didn't know u caught the bugs till u told me u deloused urself.. i would totally have picked ur bugs... and made fun of u along the way. you know like i usually do.

5/10/2006 01:51:00 PM  
Blogger Nina said...

My 2 year old fell and broke a tooth, then when the enamel was fractured they began to decay QUICKLY and before I could get them repaired, had gotten pretty bad. (On dentist I called didnt want to see me and told me not to worry and that the marks were decalcification. Fortunately I took her in elsehere) She ended up with 2 crowns. I cried cried cried in the dentists office when they told me she had to get a filling and some crowns. I felt like I had to be the worst most negligent horrible mom on earth.

It was like it was a personal failing and I had been sitting around letting her eat cheetos and drink kool-aid bottles. If she had gotten silver caps on her teeth the shame would have killed me.

I mean, I KNOW better. But in my heart it BURNED me.

Funny how things like that work.

My baby brother had lice once and I worked at a girl scout camp and ALL the 9 year olds got lice. Most had hip length hair and we counselors got to spend a few days combing all of it with those teeny combs and soothing then as they freaked out. BUGS!!!

5/11/2006 03:05:00 PM  
Blogger Luis Henao said...

Por una Tertulia libre de piojos!!!!

5/11/2006 03:55:00 PM  
Blogger kactus said...

Ah, the bugs. My daughter has a massive head of hair and when she caught the lice at school I had to keep her home just to pick nits. Over and over and over. Just when I thought it was done I'd find a couple more.

5/11/2006 11:49:00 PM  
Blogger Natalia said...

OMG sorry mala but your post is hilarious...
One good side of things, having lice makes you spend a good amount of time massaging your head (you know picking those damm things) and that actually gives you healthier hair.

5/12/2006 02:01:00 AM  

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