Monday, May 15, 2006

Wet, Wet, Wet (Birthday's Done - Back to Reality)

Gracias for all the birthday wishes. 29 is turning out to feel alot like 19 in more ways than one.

This is not a post about all the wonderful sex I had this past weekend (although it could be). It is not a post about how much it rained in Boston where I spent my birthday weekend.

I was able to read a whole book this weekend, eat good food, sleep, shower in private, write, and all the other little things you take for granted and forget that you are capable of as a mami. I have my chilenito to thank for that because he managed to snatch me away in a little bed & breakfast. Not that the weekend was without drama though. I will let people speculate and mummur but I am always still somewhat surprised at how quickly males use their privilage card, even so called liberal, free-thinking, free-spririted men. Yes and I'm a little disapointed. Not that I should be but I suppose their is always that tiny expectation /hope that somehow this one person is different.
I don't care any less. I am just aware of how incredibly human people can be when faced with certain situations and by human I mean, self-interested. No judgements about it, just acknowledgement.


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